Ukulele vs. Guitar: 3 of the Most Important Points to Consider

Here’s the showdown all string instrument enthusiasts have been looking for in a long time. Although the ukulele and the guitar are similar instruments, and even the sound they make is slightly similar in some respects, there are in fact many important differences between them.

Their dimensions and number of strings, their play ability, their weight and their price are all essential differences music lovers have to take into account when thinking of buying one of these instruments.

Playing the Guitar vs. the Ukulele


Range difference and number of strings are two key elements that decide how easily one can play the ukulele or the guitar. In this regard, the guitar seems superior, since it features six strings instead of four. However, the four-stringed uke can still play quite well. There are a number of fun songs to play on the ukulele and it is easier to learn than the guitar.

The range of the guitar is also greater because of its number of strings. Nevertheless, ukulele experts will tell you that this simply means playing the uke has to be done more creatively. With a little ingenuity you can adapt any guitar song and make it sound great on the uke as well.


Size and Portability

An obvious difference between the two instruments is their size. The guitar is larger, which also contributes to their larger range and makes them more playable.

However, with the smaller uke sizes you can take your instrument anywhere – whether you’re taking a trip abroad, going camping or staying at a hotel. Also, not everyone enjoys the deeper tone of the guitar, and many ukes do sound more melodious because of their smaller size.


Price Differences

Because of the obvious size differences and fewer materials required for manufacturing ukuleles, the price of even the most luxurious and well-designed uke will also be much lower than that of a guitar. This is an excellent advantage when you’re looking for a good instrument on a budget.

So the bottom line is, the guitar might be good if you’re an advanced musician who wants to explore the most complex songs and make them sound as good as possible. However, if you want to expand through creativity, have fun making music, and take your affordable, beautifully designed instrument almost everywhere, the ukulele is your perfect choice.